The industry standard since 1985: over 100 million square yards sold!

Tred-MOR is the perfect choice for your high-traffic public areas to keep carpet looking and feeling great longer. Being made with 100% synthetic rubber, Tred-MOR adds tensile strength and resiliency, reducing the loss in carpet pile height dramatically, when compared to direct glue or carpet tile methods.

Tred-MOR carpet cushions are designed for use with the Dubl-STIK® installation method – the industry standard for commercial/hospitality carpet. This method involves gluing the cushion to the floor and then gluing the carpet to the cushion. This creates a unitary assembly that is safe for foot and wheeled traffic. Standard Tred-MOR cushions, installed with releasable adhesive, are easy to remove during future carpet replacement and even faster when our optional Quik-LIFT® backing is chosen. Tred-MOR will provide comfort underfoot, extend the life of the carpet, and mask minor sub-floor irregularities.

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 2500 thumbnail

Tred-MOR® 2500, 100 oz.

Extra-heavy commercial cushion for institutional areas subject to CONTINUOUS, rolling wheeled traffic.

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 2580 thumbnail

Tred-MOR® 2580, 80 oz.

Ultra-strong cushion for commercial usage in areas with FREQUENT, rolling-wheel traffic.

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 2568 thumbnail

Tred-MOR® 2568, 68 oz.

Durable, heavy-duty commercial cushion for heavy foot and PERIODIC, rolling wheeled traffic.

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 1562 thumbnail

Tred-MOR® 1562, 62 oz.

Long-lasting carpet cushion for institutional areas where CONTINUOUS, rolling wheeled traffic is typical.

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 3700 thumbnail

Tred-MOR® 3700, 100 oz.

Light commercial cushion suitable for luxury guest rooms, suites, and executive offices.