Premium Carpet Cushion

Sponge Cushion, Inc.®, makers of Tred-MOR®, manufactures high-density, premium carpet cushion made with 100% synthetic rubber.

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Carpet Cushion

Carpet Cushion

Made of vulcanized SBR rubber, carpet cushion helps keep any carpet looking better, longer by enhancing the life expectancy of the carpet by up to 50%.

Carpet Tile Cushion

Carpet Tile Cushion

Tred-MOR Carpet Tile Cushion provides a premium, luxurious comfort through a "bounce back" only felt when walking on a premium SBR rubber product.

Acoustic Underlayment

Acoustic Underlayment

Tred-MOR acoustic isolation products are made from a high-density, vulcanized SBR rubber and provide some of the best IIC, STC, and IIC delta test results.

Featured Products

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 2580 image


The industry standard for carpet cushion since 1985. It's the perfect choice for your high-traffic public areas to keep carpet looking and feeling great, longer.

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> Modular PVI<sup>™</sup> image

Modular PVI

Extra-heavy commercial cushion designed for institutional areas subject to continuous rolling-wheel traffic.

Berber Supreme<sup>™</sup> image

Berber Supreme

Conventional stretch-in cushion for high-end guest rooms, suites, retail spaces, stairs, professional offices, condominiums, and residential use.

DeciBLOK MC<sup>™</sup> image


Designed for use under floating engineered, hardwood, and laminate where moisture and sound control are needed.


Sponge Cushion, Inc. is proud to support Homes For Our Troops, a national nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives.