No matter where you go, chances are you will end up experiencing the comfort of TredMOR® synthetic rubber carpet cushion.

Today you can find our products on every continent, installed at the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, hospitals, airports, and office buildings.

With millions of square yards in use,
TredMOR® is the most widely used and specified carpet cushion product on the market today. It is designed specifically for DublSTIK® cushion installation, a method which creates a unitary assembly providing optimum comfort with a safe, highly durable, long lasting, and versatile installation.

TredMOR® and the DublSTIK® installation method were developed by SCI and established the standard of excellence for commercial public space
cushioning systems.

Every TredMOR cushion is moisture surface sealed and treated with our Guardian® anti-microbial and is also available with Tredmor's QuikLIFT releasable backing system.

Sponge Cushion products are available world-wide and our services include container shipments and document services.
info@sponge-cushion.con for details.

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Standard Installation Instructions, or here for QuikLIFT Installation Instructions
TredMOR® or DublSTIK
TredMOR-1562, 62 oz.
TredMOR-2568, 68 oz.
TredMOR-2580, 80 oz.
TredMOR-2500, 100 oz.
TredMOR-3700, 100 oz.
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