Premium Carpet Cushion

Sponge Cushion, Inc.®, makers of Tred-MOR®, manufactures high-density, premium carpet cushion made with 100% synthetic rubber.

Featured Categories

Hospitality Carpet Cushion

Hospitality Carpet Cushion

Our hospitality cushions come in a variety of grades to suit your needs, and are engineered for comfort, durability, and sound insulation.

Commercial Carpet Cushion

Commercial Carpet Cushion

Public areas require ultra-durable cushions that can withstand years of heavy usage – and our vast product offering does just that.

Residential Carpet Cushion

Residential Carpet Cushion

Our residential cushions provide the luxurious feel and long-lasting support needed in a home.

Featured Products

Tred-MOR<sup>®</sup> 2580 image


The industry standard for carpet cushion since 1985. It's the perfect choice for your high-traffic public areas to keep carpet looking and feeling great longer.

Horizon<sup>™</sup> 80 image

Horizon 80

Conventional stretch-in cushion for upgraded guest rooms, professional offices, residential, or general use.

Berber Supreme<sup>™</sup> image

Berber Supreme

Conventional stretch-in cushion for high-end guest rooms, suites, retail space, stairs, professional offices, condominiums, or residential use.

DeciBLOK MC<sup>™</sup> image


Designed for use under floating engineered, hardwood, and laminate where moisture and sound control are needed.